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MiniMachine, a PNDC member company located in Bend, Oregon, was recently awarded a contract to manufacture and supply components for the U.S. Army’s M9 pistol. See NEWS for more information about this award and others.

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About MiniMachine, Inc.


Precision Miniature Machining at MiniMachine - How It All Started

Precision Machine Shop OregonMiniMachine today is a recognized name in Medical Machining, Aerospace Machining, Defense Machining, and supplying Precision Machining to a wide variety of clients.  

The Company was formed in 1988 when Mike and Nancy  founded Miniature Machine Solutions in Santa Clara, California. Shortly after its inception, Miniature Machine Solutions was able to quickly expand into the medical devices industry by providing highly precision manufactured components for some of the fastest growing biotech companies in the area. It soon garnered the reputation for its ability to manufacture miniature machined components with precisions that no other competitor was able to match.

Expanding Precision Machining Clients

From mid to late 1990s, the company expanded into other industries, particularly those in the high tech sectors. In addition to branching out to other industries, the company also acquired some major customers in those industries by providing prototyping and production run services. The acquisition of these major accounts was undoubtedly due to the company’s specialization in high precision component manufacturing and its commitment to quality.

The Present and the Future

Since our incorporation in Oregon and relocation to Bend in 2002 under the name of MiniMachine, Inc. we have doubled our facility size. Viewed as a strategic response to our customers' needs to control cost, it also positioned us better as we continue in our next phase of growth. In January 2003, MiniMachine achieved ISO-9001 certification as further evidence of our commitment to quality.

The present is here and we look forward to serving you in the near future. Click here to see what our clients are saying about us.

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