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Defence Industry Precision Machine Shop

MiniMachine, a PNDC member company located in Bend, Oregon, was recently awarded a contract to manufacture and supply components for the U.S. Army’s M9 pistol. See NEWS for more information about this award and others.

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CNC Machining and the MiniMachine Story

Precision CNC Machine Shop

At MiniMachine, we provide the premier Precision CNC Machining service for small, tiny, and microscopic sized machine components.

CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control, is widely used in metalworking fabrication applications spanning across many industries.

Unique Benefits of CNC machining performed in the MiniMachine matrix include:

  • Precision - the accuracy of the entire fabrication process is controlled to the maximum to ensure product quality.  Parts are fixture inside the CNC machine tools (Swiss-type Citizen Screw Machines, Super-Precision Hardinge Chuckers and High Speed Kitamura Machining Centers) and the largest number of operations possible is performed to ensure product accuracy and repeatability.
  • Speed – due to innovative machining cycles through CNC machining process, we can produce complicated parts for you in a timely manner, without compromising the quality.
  • Cost Saving – as often as is practical we run processes 24/7, thereby reducing the man hours on our machining processes and we pass the savings to you.

CNC Machining has become more and more integrated into the design activity and MiniMachine stands to deliver. More often now than ever we produce components to customer models and 3D files.

Under this CNC Machining umbrella at MiniMachine we do CNC Turning (CNC Micro Turning), CNC Milling (CNC Micro Milling), and Custom Miniature CNC OD/ID Grinding. Many times on tiny parts there are no conventional methods of manual machining that will produce parts within spec so this news is an important part of the MiniMachine Story.

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