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Defence Industry Precision Machine Shop

MiniMachine, a PNDC member company located in Bend, Oregon, was recently awarded a contract to manufacture and supply components for the U.S. Army’s M9 pistol. See NEWS for more information about this award and others.

High Quality Precision Machine Shop

MiniMachine, A Fresh Approach to Precision CNC Machining and Turning

Precision CNC Machining

We Listen To Your Precision CNC Machining Needs

Bring us your small problems.  As a Micro Machining & Precision CNC Machining specialist,  no job is too big or too small for us. At MiniMachine, we are trained to listen, design, and produce  top quality micro engineering products that fit your business needs.

Precision CNC Machining

Precision Engineering Quality, Embeded To Our Core

To MiniMachine, ISO-9001 Certification is a way of life and is reflected in everything we do. It is the basis of trust our clients demand and quality micro machined components we deliver for demanding products and applications.

Precision Machined Components

Trusted By Medical & Defense Industries

Serving the medical and the defense industries, we take quality & precision machining seriously. Our clients demand only the best and set rigorous specifications. It is not enough to get it right once, but to get it right consistently and within budget every time.


High Quality Miniature Machined ComponentsTo produce world-class custom machining, our precision machine shop is divided into four areas: Swiss Screw Machines, Chunkers, Lathes, and Mills.  Additionally, we have dozens of other support machines for cutting, grinding, milling, sanding, inspection and sharpening.  Bring us your SMALL problems and we will deliver. 

Having a varied client base means we work in a variety of materials, including specialized plastics and high grade steels for the medical and defense industries.

We use a variety of machining technologies including precisionPrecision CNC Machining and Turning CNC Lathes and Milling machines capable of producing micro and ultra minature machined components to tolerances of .00004" (one micron). Our niche is to manufacture components with a precision that normal machine shops may find "impossible" to achieve.

Our sophisticated 'State-Of-The-Art' 3-axis, 5-axis, and 6-axis CNC lathes and milling machines and detail-oriented quality controls allow precision manufacturing in a complete, continuous and efficient process.

MiniMachine's equipment includes both conventional fixed headstock and Swiss-style CNC lathes which perform complex operations including:

  • cross-drilling and cross tapping.
  • cross milling and slotting.
  • c-axis milling.
  • off center work and more.

For a more detailed look at our precision machine shop capabilities, visit our our Precision CNC Machining services page.